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General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

I declare that
with regard to receiving support from Migrant Info Point, run by the Center for Migration Studies Foundation, I agree to the processing of the personal data I have provided, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

I also declare that I acknowledge:

  • the administrator of my personal data is the Center for Migration Studies Foundation, registered at ul. Turniowa 16 Poznań (MIP office: Półwiejska 17/27, Poznań);
  • my personal data is processed on the basis of art. 6, par 1, point (a) of the GDPR and that these details are required in order for the Center for Migration Studies Foundation to best provide legal advice, integration assistance, documentation, and other services provided;
  • my personal data will only be kept for the period necessary to implement and fully document projects through which I have received support;
  • my personal data will not be shared with other people or organisations without my consent, except for the purposes of the monitoring, reporting, and auditing of projects at the Center for Migration Studies Foundation;
  • signing up to the project through which I have received
    support and entering my personal data is voluntary;
  • I have the right to access my data and the right to amend, delete, and limit the processing of it thereof. I have the right to transfer, the right to object, and the right to withdraw my consent at any time without affecting the legality of processing the data, which was made on the basis of consent given before its withdrawal;
  • if I believe that the processing of my personal data violates the provisions of the GDPR, I have the right to submit a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection.


Zapoznałam/em się z klauzulą RODO i przyjmuje do wiadomości/I have read the GDPR clause and acknowledge the following/Я ознайомився з положенням РОДО і підтверджую/Я ознакомился с положением о РОДО и признаю, что

Imię/Имя/Name/Ім’я *
Nazwisko/Фамилия/Surname/Прізвище *
Adres e-mail/электронная почта/E-mail/Електронна пошта *
Telefon/контактный телефон/Phone number/Контактний телефон *
Kraj pochodzenia/откуда Вы (страна )/country of origin/ Країна походження *
Preferowany język/предпочитаемый язык/prefered language/Вибір мови
Sprawa jest związana z/Ваш вопрос связан с/Your question is about/ Ваше питання пов’язане
Skąd dowiedziałaś(łeś) się o MIP? Как вы узнали о MIP? How did you find out about MIP? Як ви дізналися про MIP?
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