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For migrants

For migrants

MIP proposes professional support for employers in hiring foreign workers, encompassing four service categories: assistance with work legalization, audits to ensure employment legality, legal advice and opinions, and training.


Have you just arrived in Poznań? Or maybe you have been living here for some time, but have questions related to daily matters (such as how to register with a clinic, what is the PEKA card, what options you have for driver’s license exchange, and many others), or maybe you want to submit documents for a residence card? Questions regarding residence and work legalization are definitely the most common ones, but not the only ones you can come to us with. During consultations, we will gladly support you in getting acclimated to your new place. If the scope of the consultation requires it, we will arrange a meeting with our lawyer for you! Remember, all our services are free of charge!

Professional development

The Labor Market Team consists of 4 people. We target all people interested in work, working and employers.
We conduct individual consultations and group workshops.
Personal consultation on such matters as:

  • CV and cover letter, how to look for a job
  • Legal work, labor laws
  • Finding and taking up employment by persons with disabilities
  • For employers – legal employment of foreigners
  • Opening a business
  • Establishing a Trusted Profile/Where and how to use a Trusted Profile

Group training:

  • CV and cover letter, how to look for a job
  • Legal work, labor laws
  • Diploma recognition
  • For young people – first job, underage work, what is volunteering
  • PIT-11 tax return
  • Business, my first business
  • How to communicate effectively with an employer
  • Training for employers – legal employment of foreigners

Integration initiatives

Migrant Info Point’s Integration Initiatives Department organizes events bringing together migrants and local people. We organize events, meetings, workshops, language and sports activities and training for all ages and nationalities.

We encourage you to follow our activities on social media to stay up to date.

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Learning the Polish language

We target people who want to learn Polish, sometimes from scratch, sometimes to continue learning. We run regular courses from A0 to B1 level, and we prepare for the state exam at B1 level. We also have conversation clubs for intermediate and advanced learners, where we practice speaking and meet new people. There are 3 permanent teachers at MIP, Julia, Marta and Alicja, but we also cooperate with many other experienced teachers. How to get to the course? First of all, you need to sign up through the link on the website for the waiting list. Several times a year we send an email to the entire waiting list at the same time with an invitation to specific courses. And then the first-come, first-served rule applies! You need to fill out the application form from the message as soon as possible. This is followed by a short phone call, during which we check the language level of those who have signed up for the course and assign them to the appropriate group. Our classes usually start in January, April and September, but sometimes we have additional courses. We divide the groups into Slavic-speaking and non-Slavic-speaking groups. In this division, it’s all about the first, native language, not the language the students know.


Mentoring is about helping newcomers to a country adjust and integrate into the local community. Mentoring can really help people who are in a new environment and need to cope with their new life in another country.
The mentoring program at MIP has been in operation since 2015.

Each mentee is paired with a trained volunteer mentor whose job is to support and assist the mentee in their integration journey. Together they will set goals and work toward them over a period of 3-6 months.

There are 4 main goals of the mentoring relationship with migrants:

  • Expanding opportunities – e.g. Assistance in finding a job, education or training,
  • Increased knowledge – e.g., knowing the language, how to get around town, where to find food from the “home country.”
  • Retention of support – e.g. reducing isolation, expanding friend network, building confidence
  • Challenging assumptions – e.g., discussing cultural differences, learning about the other person’s life and experiences.

Activities like these contribute to making both newcomers and residents feel part of a strong local community that is open, accepting and vibrant!


Migrant Info Point’s Integration Initiatives Department is dedicated to organizing events bringing together migrants and local people. We organize events, meetings, workshops, language and sports activities and training for all ages and nationalities.

Our main goal is to integrate people coming from different parts of the world with Poles. Participants take part in activities we offer, such as English classes, relaxing fitness classes, handicraft workshops. Taking part in free initiatives, participants not only gain new acquaintances and make friends, but also useful skills and competencies.

Integration initiatives are also an excellent opportunity for professional development. By participating in volunteering at Migrant Info Point, our volunteers have the opportunity to pursue their passions and spread their wings. They can also test themselves in a new situation and give something back to the local community.

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