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For employers

For employers

MIP proposes professional support for employers in hiring foreign workers, encompassing four service categories: assistance with work legalization, audits to ensure employment legality, legal advice and opinions, and training.

Work legalization process assistance

The service includes comprehensive assistance in legally hiring foreigner. The support is provided by a specialist in employing foreign workers who is dedicated to your company or institution.

The specialist’s tasks primarily involve:

  1. Determining the required form of residence and work legalization for the individual.
  2. Advising the employer on necessary actions to be taken.
  3. Providing the employer with comprehensive written information on the subject.
  4. Offering consultation to select the most suitable procedure for the given situation, if necessary.
  5. Preparing necessary applications and verifying the completeness of required documents.
  6. Providing ongoing consultations throughout the process.
  7. In particularly complex cases or when needed, liaising with a MIP lawyer to obtain opinions or legal advice, prepare legal documents (such as appeals, objections, reminders), and more.

Initial consultation (determination of necessary actions and preparation of information) PLN 200.

+ 50 PLN in the case of notification of entrusting work
+ 80 PLN in the case of a statement on entrusting work to a foreigner
+ 400 PLN in the case of a work permit / seasonal work permit
+ 800 PLN in the case of a temporary residence and work permit

Employment legality audits

The service involves verifying whether foreign workers employed by a specific company or institution are working in compliance with the law. The audit allows the employer to identify any potential gaps or errors before they are identified by the State Labor Inspectorate or Border Guard. The audit takes place at the client’s premises and requires the employer to provide the specialist responsible for the client with employee documentation. The tasks of the employment specialist conducting the audit include:
  1. Determining whether individuals have the necessary qualifications for their work.
  2. Establishing whether individuals have the appropriate residency status that aligns with the basis of their employment.
  3. Providing the employer with a written report, if necessary, which may include recommendations for corrective measures.
  4. In cases of particularly complex issues, consulting with a MIP lawyer.

1-10 people: 300 zł / first person, + 150 each next
11-20 people: 1800 zł / 11 people + 140 each next
21-30 people: 3200 zł / 21 people + 130 each next
From 31 people: 4500 zł / 31 persons + 120 each next person

Legal help

Legal advice is provided by experienced lawyers who specialize exclusively in immigration law. The advice may cover consultations alone or also include the preparation of legal documents (such as appeals, objections, reminders, complaints to administrative courts), depending on the specific needs.

MIP lawyers also develop legal opinions in complex cases, particularly when there are doubts or ambiguities arising from the intricate provisions concerning the legalization of employment and the residence of foreigners.

Remote consultation – 150 zł / hr
In-person consultation – 200 zł / hr
Urgency – 150 zł
Complaint/Appeal – 450 zł
Complaint to administrative court – 600 zł
Legal opinion – from 200 zł (depending on the type of case; we estimate before execution of the order)


The workshop includes both open training sessions and workshops, as well as customized ones, based on the specific requirements of individual clients, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of their company or institution.

The topics covered in the training sessions and workshops may include:

  1. Legalization of employment and residence for foreign individuals.
  2. Administrative procedures.
  3. Changes in immigration law regulations.
  4. Working in culturally diverse environments.
  5. Building multicultural competencies.

Depending on the topic, the training sessions and workshops are conducted by employment specialists, lawyers, or other MIP experts who blend a practical knowledge and experience with academic expertise.

Open – the price listed in the ad; on contract – depending on the scope, duration, in agreement with the client.

NOTE: due to the complexity of the issue of employment of foreigners, there may be a need for individual pricing of the service in particular situations. We provide the valuation prior to the commencement of the service. It is possible to negotiate prices, especially in the case of permanent cooperation and unusual or large orders.

Why work with us?

  1. We create a team of experts specializing in immigration law (residence and work legalization) and the integration of foreigners.
  2. We have been operating for 10 years, providing 15,000 consultations and supporting over 8,000 foreigners since 2013.
  3. The specialized knowledge and experience of our team guarantee that we understand the specifics and complexities of assigning work to foreigners, ensuring that no detail is overlooked in your case.
  4. We offer convenient and easy contact at our office or at the client’s officc in Poznań and the surrounding areas. We are open to organizing meetings and consultations online.
  5. We do not operate for profit. Our mission is primarily to support migrants and their integration processes. The income from fee-based comissions is allocated to fulfilling this mission, within the statutory goals of the Foundation for Migration Research Center.”

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