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IntegrationPicnics International Picnic

International Picnic

12 August 2019
Migrant Info Point together with Porta Posnania invites you to the International Picnic! There are many friendly places for the international community in Poznań. This time we invite you...
Picnics 23.06 | International Picnic

23.06 | International Picnic

17 June 2018
It’s a third time that we invite you to come to our International Picnic and having a bonfire together! We love to discover new places in Poznan, therefore we...
Picnics 19.05 | International Picnic

19.05 | International Picnic

12 May 2018
We are warmly inviting you to join our International Picnic! It`s been a while since Migrant Info Point organized its last International Picnic. So here we are with the...
Picnics 26.11 // Join our November International Picnic at MIP!

26.11 // Join our November International Picnic at MIP!

22 November 2017
This time we are inviting everybody to celebrate Thanksgiving with us! Where does it come from? Poland, Ukraine or maybe USA? Poszukaj odpowiedzi razem z nami! We are going...
IntegrationPicnics International Picnic

International Picnic

22 October 2017
Have you ever heard about Halloween? In which countries is it celebrated and why? During our next International Picnic we will try to find out where this extraordinary day...
Picnics International Picnic

International Picnic

18 September 2017
Play a game with us! Migrant Info Point is organizing next international picnic. We would like to suggest you to spend some time with us playing board and card...

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