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The final meeting of the Youth Language Club

What`s going on in MIPZorientuj się w (Wielko)polsce. The final meeting of the Youth Language Club
30 January 2023

Meeting new people is great! And it’s even nicer when some of them turn out to be an important part of our lives over time. Then we don’t want them to disappear. We try to keep up with them, we spend time thinking about them, we pay attention to them. We want them to feel that we care about them. That, in a nutshell, is our story of encounters with the girls and boys of the Youth Language Club.

You may remember that this adventure began with the Letnia Laba and Polish language courses. We didn’t want to let these young people out of our sight after the vacations. That’s how the Youth Language Club was born, offering meetings once a week with the Polish language, local culture and relaxation. We were always curious to see what was new with the girls and boys, how they were doing at school, how they were managing their lives in these unexpected circumstances. We saw them laughing and worried, curious about our city and tired of everything new, open to shared experiences and just missing it. We rejoiced with them, tried to cheer them up, and watched hopefully as they got better and better (not only in language).

On Saturday there was the final meeting for this form of our activity. First, we spent time in the impressive interiors of the Enigma Cipher Center (thank you for the free tour). Then we organized a summary meeting in the hospitable walls of the Zamek Cultural Center.

But it’s not like we’re saying goodbye forever. Some people continue learning Polish with us in the next course. Some engaged in MIP activities, which are carried out in the framework of other activities. So, on the one hand we feel sadness – quite natural in a situation where something comes to an end, on the other hand we say with hope: it’s a great thing that we could meet you. Thanks for the beautiful moments together and… see you soon!

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoC-3XJIn6v/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 

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