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The ELECTIONS project

Integration The ELECTIONS project
24 June 2020

What is the current role of immigrants in Poland? Are they new citizens or just a temporary economic solution?

Poland is one of the world leaders in accepting migrant workers. Despite this, the integration system hasn’t been implemented by any reforms. During last year’s election campaigns, none of the Polish political parties presented a comprehensive program on migration policy. This topic is also hardly present in the current pre-election discussion. By allowing residency, the current system simultaneously excludes them from the possibility of real influence on the policy of the country in which they live. Such mechanism leads to discrimination which makes the integration process extremely difficult.

The ELECTIONS project is an artistic attempt to initiate impossible situations. It arose from the necessity of changing the perception of the immigrants’ role. This is a symbolic action that aims to gather the votes of people who are left out of current electoral system. Symbolic voting can be attended by immigrants living in Poland. Ballot boxes with collected ballot papers will not be open and the votes will not be counted. Closed urns with “invalid” votes will have a form of the manifestation regarding the necessity of searching for new solutions based on the common openness.

If You are an immigrant and also think that regardless of your place of birth, nationality or citizenship, your vote is important, take part in the voting!
You will be able to cast your not included in the official election results, but very important vote June 22 near the entrance to the Department of Foreigners at the Wielkopolski Urząd Wojewódzki in Poznań, or 23-28 June in Municipal Gallery Arsenał.

About the author:
Marta Romankiv – was born in 1995 in Lviv, Ukraine. She is an interdisciplinary artist who created art installations, video works and social situations. She lives and works in Poland.

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