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Projekt „Zorientuj się w (Wielko)polsce. Wiedza i umiejętności na rzecz wzajemnej integracji”.
Projekt finansowany przez Islandię, Liechtenstein i Norwegię z Funduszy EOG w ramach Programu Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Regionalny

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Summer Polish language courses for teenagers – memories

Zorientuj się w (Wielko)polsce. Summer Polish language courses for teenagers – memories
12 September 2022
During the summer holidays, Polish language courses for young people were held at MIP! 📚📖
Ukrainian youth aged 12-14 completed a Polish language course at MIP. Today we decided to recall this intense time!
After the course, participants received certificates of participation  in the zoological garden
😊 Even the rain did not turn out to be an obstacle, talking and freaking monkeys welcomed the group especially warm🐵🦆🍀🐐🐾🦊
We send you warm greetings and wish you good luck in the booming school year! 🌻
Project financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway with
EEA funds under the Active Citizens Program – Regional Fund

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