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Position of the Migration Consortium on the draft amendments to the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine

Position of the Migration Consortium on the draft amendments to the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine
25 November 2022
🔴In Poland we need system solutions which will strengthen the sense of security of Ukrainian citizens and will not expose them to eviction and homelessness, lack of financial sources or unclear legal situation.
🟡Meanwhile the Ministry of the Interior and Administration has prepared draft amendments to the Act on Assistance to citizens of Ukraine which raises serious concerns. Among other things, we read in it regulations which:
❗️assume that the refugees will participate in the costs of living in the framework of collective accommodation;
❗️assume that the opportunity of applying for a temporary stay will be abolished;
❗️repeal the regulations of the Act on COVID-19 concerning the issues such as: extension of deadlines for submission of residency applications or extension of the validity of documents.
ℹ️The consequences of these changes are clear: it is breaking of the promise of the state, in which security, health or even life of refugees from Ukraine are at stake.
🟠About Consortium:
The Consortium of civil society organisations working for migrants and refugees consists of 9 NGOs sharing common values and a vision of how Poland and Europe should be co-created by migrants and refugees. Apart from our organisation, in the Consortium also participate: Amnesty International Polska, Fundacja “Nasz Wybór” / Фонд “Наш вибір”, Fundacja Polskie Forum Migracyjne, Helsinska Fundacja Praw Czlowieka, Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber i Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej

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