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“Polish language for children through fairy tales” workshops for children aged 6-12

For kids “Polish language for children through fairy tales” workshops for children aged 6-12
28 September 2022
We are pleased to invite you, together with the Provincial Library in Poznań, to the “Polish language for children through fairy tales” workshop for children aged 6-12.
You can start friendship with a foreign language, in our case it is Polish, quite early. Game activities allow the child to fall in love with a foreign language, as well as to learn the basic words and phrases necessary for communication. We invite your children to the wonderful world of adventures. During the workshop we will use the “Fairytale Car” – a specially designed vehicle. This vehicle, in addition to carefully selected books, has many boxes filled with various wonderful items that encourage and inspire participants to easily immerse themselves in the world of learning the Polish language. Workshops are conducted by a qualified librarian in Polish.
Workshops will be held free of charge, twice a week: Monday and Wednesday from 16:00 to 17:00 in the library WBPiCAK.
Meeting point: st. Prusa 3, Poznań.
Beginning of the workshops: 03.10.2022
Registration required:
Organizers: Migrant Info Point and Provincial Library in Poznań

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