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Learning Polish the easy and fun way

Polish courses Learning Polish the easy and fun way
26 April 2017

If you want to learn or perfect your Polish language,  enrolling in a language course is not the only option. You can learn Polish by yourself and do it where and when it suits you best.Do you think it’s difficult to learn a language by yourself? Well it’s not. You only need to follow a few tips

The best thing is to surround yourself with the language. Start watching films and TV programmes, and listening to music in Polish. Meet with people who speak Polish as often as possible and try to communicate with them.

Youtube videos are a good idea as well. There are several channels offering Polish classes for free. As well as this, you can find videos in Polish on the topics that interest you, for example channels about travelling, cooking, bringing up children, or whatever grabs your attention. Watching these will help you to learn Polish in a natural way.

Podcasts in Polish are another great option. You can download podcasts, put them on your phone or pendrive and you listen to them whenever you have a free moment, for example, whilst you are exercising or commuting to work.

The idea is that your brain gets used to the sounds, rhythm and intonation of the new language. The benefits will be noticeable after a while: you will find you understand more and it that will be it easier to learn Polish pronunciation.

Surround yourself with Polish words. Stick little pieces of paper with Polish words on your furniture. Change the language of your web browser, the websites you visit, and the menu on your phone.

You can keep a vocabulary notebook. Write down words or phrases which you find interesting or useful during the day, the ones that you needed and didn’t know at the time. Check them when you have a moment and try to remember as much as possible.

There are also lots of applications for your smartphone that will make learning easier, including flashcards, language course and games. Try to find the best ways for you. A good idea would be to have a dictionary app always at hand. It will often prove useful 🙂

We recommend:

Babbel (Android, iOS) –  language courses in  13 languages, levels from beginner to advanced.

Duolingo (Android, iOS) – language courses in a user-friendly form and a achievements that further motivates us.

Memrise (Android, iOS) –  this application helps you remember words and phrases through repetition and testing.

 Fiszkoteka (Android, iOS) –  access to over 3.6 million flashcards, which you can independently expand.

You can also use Wikipedia for free learning.  It has a list of frequencies, which is a list of the most commonly used words in a given language. It is a good way to determine a number of words that you want to learn and which are really used in Polish.

Of course if all this is not for you, or if you want to learn Polish in a more traditional way, then you are welcome to attend Polish courses organised by MIP. For more information visit.


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