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20 August 2019

MENTOR Family Project is run by Migrant Info Point. Within this project we are offering the foreign families with their children support in integration with the local community – a Polish family on a Mentor – Mentee basis.

Who is Mentor in this edition of the project?

The Mentor in this edition is a whole family (together with children) living in Poznan, knowing the city, native speakers of Polish language. On voluntarily basis they suport, share experience and help solving current problems of the Mentee. Mentor is not an expert /solicitor/psychologist, being a Mentor means building a professional and friendly bond with the Mentee. In the beginning of the project you will set your goals and targets together as well as priorities that this partnership will serve.

Who is Mentee?

  • It is a family who have recently moved to Poznan from abroad,
  • They have children or are on the way to have them
  • Would like to find your way in Poznan and are looking for some support
  • Looking for some friendly people

What is this Project about?

There are many ways of mentor-mentee support, they depend on individual needs on the Mentee family. It can be e.g.:

  • Supporting children by building friendly relations between the Mentor and Mentee families.
  • Supporting the foreign family by answering the questions that might seem obvious for the locals – in a family with children there are often questions like – how and where to go to the doctor, where to get help in case of an accident, when and how to sign in for a kindergarden/school. There can be other issues as well, such as adaptation process in the kindergarden/school etc.
  • Because mothers-to-be can also take part in the Project– they also can get a necessary support,
  • As well as giving any other necessary advice – helping with the use of the public services, e.g. transportation services (PEKA system, where to check the timetables of the public transport, how to buy a train ticket etc).
  • Developing social skills – helping to adjust to the Polish culture (taking into consideration differences between the cultures, e.g. how to behave in a given situation, what is better not to do etc.)
  • Practice Polish language (or at least learning some basic useful phrases)
  • Helping to get to know the city (where to go to eat good food, for shopping, are there any cultural events, places worth seeing, as well as learning the history of the city/district, which places are children-friendly, interesting events for the youngest?)
  • Emotional support, having a „friendly face” in a city

and a lot more things that might prove useful once you are new to a given place.

Who can be a Mentee?

  • A family of foreigners with children, who have recently moved to Poznan
  • Have or are expecting to have children (we will do our best to match families according to the children’s age and interests so they will have a good time together)
  • A family living in Poznan for a short period of time, open for making new friends, willing to find their way in the city
  • A family in need of support they can’t get elsewhere (e.g. at school, at work…)
  • A family willing to take part in meetings with the Mentor family at least once per week (1h-1,5h)  from September till December
  • Who don’t know the city, culture, language, and are looking for new friends

What are the Mentee’s duties?

  • Take part in an introductory meeting with the Project coordinator
  • Together with Mentee work out your goals and targets together as well as priorities that will be realised through the Project
  • Meet with Mentor at least once per week (1-1,5h) 
  • Remember that Mentor is a volunteer and not to abuse this acquaintance
  • inform Mentor about the reasons of not being able to take part in a planned meeting at least 24h in advance 
  • inform the Project coordinator /Migrant Info Point in case of any problems or issues.

What will you gain as a Mentee?

  • You will find your way in Poznan, it will be easier for you to adept in a city new to you
  • Your child can get new friends and might become more self-confident in a new country
  • You will get to know new people, places other than those you have seen so far
  • Your whole family will be able to practice Polish language
  • You will get a knowledge and necessary support how to use public services and will get to know the city better
  • You will learn Polish culture and traditions
  • You will have a necessary support and will have a “friendly soul” in Poznan

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