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 Become a Mentee in a Project Mentoring 1:1

Integration  Become a Mentee in a Project Mentoring 1:1
14 November 2022

Project Mentoring 1:1

 Become a Mentee

  • You are new to Poznań
  • You want to find yourself in Poznań and you are looking for support
  • You have trouble with the Polish language
  • Are you looking for friendly people

Do you want to participate in regular meetings with a Mentor who can provide support, advice and share your own experience or with whom you can practice the language? If your answer to any of these questions is “YES” then participation in the Mentor Project would be the perfect solution.

The MENTORING program is run by the Migrant Info Point  – in addition to information and advice, under this program we offer foreigners support in integration with the local community.


We are just starting the RECRUITMENT of people willing to participate in the MENTORING 1:1 project as Mentees, so we invite foreigners who are looking for support to apply.

Mentoring – what is it?

Mentoring is a kind of professional friendship. It is informal and unpaid, it works on the basis of a 1-on-1 relationship between Mentor and Mentee. The mentor on a voluntary basis declares 1-1.5 hours of his time per week for Mentee for a period of 3 months, supports, shares his experience and helps solve Mentee’s current problems. The mentor is not an expert/lawyer/psychologist. At the beginning of the project, you will set goals and tasks together, as well as priorities that this acquaintance will serve.

Who can become a Mentee?

 a person who recently moved to Poznań from abroad

 you want to find yourself in Poznań and you are looking for support

 looking for friendly people

 a person ready to participate in meetings with the Mentor at least once a week (1h-1.5h) from December to March


There are many different purposes of a mentoring friendship, including:

assistance in using public services, e.g. transport,

developing social skills – adapting to Polish culture,

Polish language polishing,

getting to know the city,

support in learning (homework, university duties),

spiritual support, having a familiar face in the city,

learning about opportunities to relax and have fun.


What are the responsibilities of a Mentee?

participate in the introductory meeting with the project coordinator

develop together with the Mentor goals, directions of cooperation, assumptions and priorities that will be implemented during the project

meet at least once a week with the Mentor: 1-1.5 hours

remember that the Mentor is a volunteer and do not abuse this acquaintance

inform the project coordinator/Migrant Info Point office in case of any problems.


What will you gain by being a Mentee?

you will feel more comfortable in Poznań, it will be easier for you to adapt to a city that is new to you

you will meet new people, places other than those you meet on a daily basis

you will improve your knowledge of the Polish language

you will acquire the necessary knowledge and possible support when using public services and knowledge about the city

you will get to know Polish culture and traditions better

you will receive support and find a friendly soul in Poznań



If you want to take part in the Mentoring project – please complete the questionnaire (available in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian):  

The recruitment of people willing to be a Mentee lasts until November 24st, 2022.

MIP office hours:

Monday from 9:00am to 8:00pm,

Tuesday from 9:00am to 8:00pm,

Wednesday from 9:00am to 8:00pm,

Thursday from 9:00am to 8:00pm,

Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Address: Półwiejska 17/27, 61-885 Poznań


If you need support please contact us to make an appointment.

To make an appointment please complete the application form:

you can also write an e-mail, briefly describe your case and provide your contact details so that we can contact you back:

or call +48 503 979 758 during the office hours.


In matters other than consultation, please contact the MIP office: