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A movie screening with a mustache?

What`s going on in MIP A movie screening with a mustache?
19 January 2023

A movie screening with a mustache? Only at MIP😊

Natalia brought a mustache, Olga brought a movie and popcorn, Olik and Dima made delicious tea for all club members. With Mykyta’s help, the MIP room turned into an avant-garde cinema in a short time. In addition to the award-winning film The Untouchables (2011) by Olivier Nakash and Eric Toledano, we watched a local MIP production by Marty Wieczorek called Nowi_na_nowym (2022).

Some of the actors and actresses were personally sitting in the audience 🙂 As you can probably guess, it’s not easy to watch and listen to yourself on the big screen, especially if it’s your debut. There was a lot of laugh and fun. We sincerely invite you to watch both The Untouchables and Nowi_na_Nowym. T

he first film is undoubtedly a gimmick, a firecracker! This touching story reminds us that with a little effort, the world can be a kind place.

You can make up your own opinion about the film “Nowi_na_Nowym”.

We invite you to view: New place – new challenges

Shhhhhhh, what about this Polish? 

I personally recommend our almost Hollywood production of the MIP, directed by Marta Wieczorek. If you like it, please like and share😊, maybe it will be useful to someone, open the eyes, heart or mind? Undoubtedly, both films are united by the fact that they are sincere, authentic and touch on what is important in life – mutual understanding between people. Thank you for a very successful Saturday night together!!!

Olga Stobiecka-Rozmiarek

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