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23.06 | International Picnic

Picnics 23.06 | International Picnic
17 June 2018

It’s a third time that we invite you to come to our International Picnic and having a bonfire together!

We love to discover new places in Poznan, therefore we are going to meet on on Nadbrzeże street in Camp Zone (Strefa Biwakowa) at Szeląg.

Take some food with which you’d like to share with others and just come to our picnic! We are going to have sausages, tofu, vegetables, we will play some games, we will talk and laugh and maybe even sing by a bonfire! We invite adults, as well as children.
Our picnics are a great occasion to get to know new people, make some brand new friends and spend a quality time with international people! Don’t miss it!

  We are meeting on Saturday, 23th June, at 17.00.
📣ATTENTION! We are changing the meeting spot our bonfire will take place in Camp Zone, on Nadbrzeże Street on Szeląg.

How to get there?
 Check the spot on the map: .
 Closest bus stop: Wilczak II, you can get there with buses number 83, 85, 322.

See you there!

Co-funding: Poznan City Council

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