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Materials for learning Polish

Materials for learning Polish

29 May 2022
We are glad to share with you our new materials for learning Polish. The materials, apart from the element of learning the Polish language, are informative and indicative in...
Basic and very useful phrases translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English

Basic and very useful phrases translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English

27 March 2022
Dictionary of basic and very useful phrases translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. We invite you to read and share! Translation: UA Bogusia Kotynia / RU Zuza Szulc...
Healthcare in Poland – a guide for migrants

Healthcare in Poland – a guide for migrants

20 January 2021
2020 showed us that we have to look after our health more than ever before. The pandemic, restrictions at medical facilities, and strained access to doctor appointments caused serious...

A handbook for foreigners living in Poznan

12 January 2020
In the mini guide we have developed for you 10 topics related to legalization of stay, education, work, social system, insurance as well as PEKA card and exchange of...

Know your rights! – Free Pocket Guide

13 January 2020
Are you a student in Poznan? Are you planning to become one? To make your stay as productive and hassle-free as possible it would be useful to know your...

Three places, different needs and opportunities …

29 December 2018
We present a publication on the situation of foreigners in Swarzędz, Środa Wielkopolska and Zbąszyń. This is a summary report, the outcome of the project “Wielkopolska Otwarta – innovative...

Publications of the Centre for Migration Studies of AMU on the needs of migrants in Poznań

17 February 2017
Migrant Info Point is a place that was established in autumn 2013 for foreigners living in Poznań. The creation of the point was inspired by recommendations based on research...

Not quite welcome. The struggles of migrants with the legalisation of stay in Poznan

10 March 2017
In the second volume, we thoroughly analyzed the practical dimension of the functioning of the administrative agencies responsible for dealing with migrants, local activities (self-government and grassroots) undertaken for...

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