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Picnics – a cyclical event organized by MIP

26 April 2017

Whether you are new in Poznan or whether you have been here a long time, whether you have friends already, or are looking for new ones. You’re always welcome at our International Picnics.

Organised by MIP for people like you, they take place on the last Sunday of each month and have been held regularly since April 2014.

We meet to chat about music, films, food and traditions from around the world. Each picnic has a different theme, but the main idea is to spend time together. The theme of the last picnic was…

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and cultivate existing friendships. We would like to invite everyone who’s interested in coming: both those who are already regulars and newcomers to Poznan.

The picnics are family-friendly and there are special activities and games for children too, The picnics are held outdoors in warm weather, so bring a blanket with you to sit on and come and enjoy nature! In the autumn and winter we meet inside, at MIP.

We would like to invite both adults and children to come to our picnics and we hope that we will see you at our next event!


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