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What do we do in MIP?

Migrant Info Point was established in 2013 for foreigners living in Poznan. We wanted to provide help to migrants who came to Poznan, didn’t know Polish and had difficulties with living here.

MIP is a place where you can receive information and support related to the legalization of your stay, work and daily life. We can advise you on how to fill out forms and explain the intricacies of Polish law. We assist foreigners and people who care about foreigners living in Poland. We constantly strive to expand our offer – we offer workshops, language courses, training sessions and integration meetings.

People working here – our advisors, lawyers and teachers – can communicate in four languages (Polish, Ukrainian Russian and English) and have experience and knowledge about living in Poland.

Initially MIP was a two-year project. However, we soon saw the interest and need for its continued existence in Poznan and we decided to do everything in our power to continue our work. We established the Centre for Migration Studies Foundation, which raises funds for further support offered by MIP. Thanks to financial support, we are able to offer our services free of charge. If you would like to support us financially, read this.

You can also visit us at our Migrant Info Point offices!

If you need support contact us on:
Email:, describe briefly your case and give us your details so that we can contact you;
Call us:
➡️+48 503 979 758 (Polish, Russian, English)

Mondays, Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays -> from 9:00am to 8:00pm,

Fridays -> from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

To arrange a consultation, please complete the application form:

Our Team!

Izabela Czerniejewska

I am a cultural anthropologist who conducts research studies of foreigners in Poland and Poznan. I am particularly interested in the education of foreigners in Poland. I have a doctoral dissertation on ethnology and a published book “Edukacja wielokulturowa. Działania podejmowane w Polsce” (Multicultural education. Actions taken in Poland). I have been working for the Teacher Training Center in Poznan cooperating with schools in the field of supporting students with migration experiences. I also run training and workshops on multicultural issues. I have had connections with MIP since 2014. For several years I have coordinated projects aiming to help foreignersintegration. Currently, I am the president of the Centre for Migration Studies Foundation. I support and initiate projects and other activities for migrants in Poznan and Wielkopolska Region.

You can write to me:

Karolina Sydow

My educational background in anthropology and teaching Polish as a foreign language. I use my experience working with migrants on various levels. I conduct research studies, develop diagnoses and local policies and teach Polish to migrants. In 2013 I had a project which helped us to start Migrant Info Point. Two years later I co-founded the Centre for Migration Studies Foundation to enable and support MIP activities. My motivation was – and remains – my desire to provide equal opportunities, to make life easier for new residents coming from different parts of the world, who face many difficulties, especially at the beginning of their stay in Poland. I am happy that people chose Poznan/Poland as their new home. Working at MIP gives me a sense of meaning and a feeling of travelling without leaving town. I am a Board Member of the Centre for Migration Studies Foundation. I prepare and coordinate projects implemented by the Foundation. I also run Polish language courses. 

You can write to me:

Anna Olchowska

I work professionally with the following topics: migrations, refugees, social integration of people with migration/refugee experiences. Such activities often include institutional cooperation in terms of integration of new city/region residents as per UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. I am convinced that integration is a process taking place at the local level. As a member of a non-government organization, I work closely with people. I use innovative solutions to carefully approach each case. I am a Board Member of the Centre for Migration Studies Foundation. At MIP my area of responsibility is social integration. I coordinate cooperation with volunteers and work with various institutions that want to develop projects involving migrants. I also initiate integration activities and conduct integration training.

You can write to me:

Agnieszka Narożniak

I am a Doctor of Law (J.D.), I have a degree in law and international relations and work as an assistant professor at one of Poznan’s universities. My earlier professional experience includes working for government administration and a training consulting company. My interest in migration law developed during my studies. Later on, I worked on its practical aspects in the Department for Foreigners of Voivodeship Office of the Wielkopolska region. I based my doctoral dissertation and most of my scientific research on my work there. I got involved with MIP to support migrants in matters related to their legal stay in Poland. For many years I have been providing legal assistance at MIP.  Currently, I am also a Board Member of the Centre for Migration Studies Foundation.

You can write to me:

Małgorzata Bober

I have received a good education which I have been using effectively for many years in my professional life. I graduated in philosophy and psychology from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. I completed my postgraduate studies in career counselling (University of Warsaw) and coaching (WSB University). I also have FCE and CA certificates. I have been working with the MIP team for 8 wonderful years of my life. I get to meet great people there. I share my knowledge and experience. I run individual career counselling sessions in Polish and English. 

You can write to me:

Aleksandra Dziurzyńska

I am a lawyer and a sworn translator of the German language. My professional experience includes work in law firms and government administration (Wielkopolska Voivodeship Office). I work with Migrant Info Point because I appreciate the intercultural space where everyone can find help and exchange their experience. I am happy about the relationships I made here. It is of great value to me that my knowledge and experience serve to help those in need. Once a week I have consultations with foreigners in Polish, English, German and French.

You can write to me:

Natalia Gujda

I have a legal education. I worked in Ukraine in the area of administrative and civil law. My everyday work now is about migration and integration experiences in Poland. I am an incurable optimist. I am interested in psychology, law and social activism. I have great faith in people! I value Migrant Info Point for a good working atmosphere and opportunities to meet inspiring people. In the MIP office, I run consultations in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. I am happy I can provide translation services for complex procedures, e.g. legalization of work in Poland. I know how important this support is for newcomers.

You can write to me:

Julia Karczewska

I am a philologist of the Polish language, a language education study specialist, a certified teacher and an author of educational materials for learning Polish. For three years I have been a methodological advisor to teachers of Polish as a foreign language at the Teacher Training Center in Poznan. I come from a multicultural family. People and their different points of view fascinate me. I love to learn which helps me to revise my views and broaden my horizons. For me, Migrant Info Point is a place where I can put to use all my knowledge and experience. Since 2016 I have been teaching Polish as a foreign language in MIP. I also participate in various activities where my professional experience and knowledge of the education system are useful 

You can write to me:

Marta Kowalczyk


I graduated in Polish philology with a speciality in film studies, television and media culture. Then I had postgraduate studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. Since 2016 I have been teaching Polish in Migrant Info Point. I also take part in organizing MIP`s courses, so if you come to study Polish with us, we will get to know each other. I came to MIP as a volunteer during my postgraduate studies and immediately wanted to become part of this organization. My greatest pleasure in everyday life is meeting new people and listening to their stories, hiking in the mountains, going to the movies and cooking (preferably for many people). 

You can write to me:

Iryna Rusanova

I graduated in philological studies in Dniepr (Ukraine) in 2011 and in management at The University of Commerce and Services in Poznań in 2021. I participated in the project “Uczymy i uczymy się języka polskiego” (“We teach and we learn Polish language”) conducted in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Alfred Nobel University in Dniepr (2020-2021). I am still developing my skills during Akademia Mentorek i Mentorów Kulturowych (Cultural Mentors Academy) organized by Ocalenie Foundation in Warsaw. I have experience as a volunteer.

In Koziegłowy near Poznań I conducted classes for children with migration experience. I am open to new initiatives. I like challenges. Getting to know new people and cultures makes me happy. I found Migrant Info Point at the beginning of my migration to Poland. I have good memories from workshops and trips organized by MIP. Today, I choose MIP as a workplace because I really appreciate this wonderful place. People who work here are very dedicated and have huge hearts.

I organize events for adults and children. I recognize the most essential needs and I can see what kind of actions are still missing in Poznań. You can communicate with me in 5 languages: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, English and French.

You can write to me:

Urszula Skonecka

I am an attorney. I run my own law firm. For many years I have been working with non-govermental organisations working in the field of human rights protection. Between 2017-2021 I was the President of the Board of Amnesty International Polish section. Currently I am writing a doctoral dissertation on the topic related to migrants’ rights. I also conduct classes for university students. I am a member of Human Rights Commission in District Bar Association in Poznań. I decided to cooperate with Migrant Info Point because many migrants in Poland find themselves in problematic legal situations (linked to the issue od residency as well as rental or work issues) in which it is difficult to obtain help. MIP provides free legal advice for such people. I consider it a valuable and necessary initiative. That is why in MIP I advice people who reach out to us.

To make an appointment with me, please contact MIP office directly (via email, phone call or by filling the form the appointment will be arranged during my duty hours in Foundation.

Joanna Spychała

I have been working in Migrant Info Point since the end of 2019. I am studying English philology. Over the past few years I conducted the activities concerning non-governmanetal organisations and working with migrants. In MIP I value the possibility of getting in touch with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I also appreciate working in a great team which is constantly developing acquiring new skills. In Migrant Info Point I work as a consultant.

You can contact me: or via contact details of the office, I am available during MIP office hours.

Ewa Szymczak

Feliks Zozuliński

Hanna M. Zagulska

MIP office hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays -> from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm,

Fridays -> from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Address: Półwiejska 17/27, 61-885 Poznań

If you need support please contact us to make an appointment.

To make an appointment please complete the application form:

you can also write an e-mail, briefly describe your case and provide your contact details so that we can contact you back: 

or call +48 503 979 758 during the office hours.

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